Bjork that.

Where else is there nothing but lava rock with steam occasionally rising, beautiful long haired horses running wild and water flowing, sometimes even shooting into the sky where of course, the northern lights dance. That would be the Iceland I have briefly been introduced to.







We soaked in this very warm geysers water pond. Steam rose in vents around it. It was delightful and soooo relaxing, I could have stayed for centuries.


The locals we met were smiling, charming and with a glint in their eye. Happy to be at your service. The food was awesome with names I could not even begin to pronounce (nor describe) was absolutely delicious.


DSCN4939I was standing with some guys who had their shirts off and were feeling the sulfuric steam after each geysers event. I joined them for a couple rounds. This one nailed us all by surprise though. We felt the steam come but then were trenched by the very warm water (probably 80+ degrees). LOL, I was soaked.


Horses, horses, horses. And they run wild. Hundreds of them. A most amazing sight in this moonscape setting.


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