In the Danube Fog

Well we are safe but mentally exhausted. It has been a challenging week. Since the very first day we got on the boat the news has been like a pounding hail storm of worries.

IMG_0207We first heard of a friend evacuating as we were to board a coach to our ship to embark on a week’s tour of the Danube from Budapest to Linz. We were so startled we actually missed the coach and we were the only two on the next bus that dropped us on the dock. That seemed to foreshadow the rest of the week – being the only two from that part of the world. Of course by now everyone on board knows us and asks daily if our house is still there.


Because of the time difference we are sometimes up till 2am or 4 just to follow the news and texts from those 9 hours behind us. Learning who is safe, who has evacuated, whose home survived – and saddest of all, those who have lost everything. And we know them well – it’s hard. We wake up and think should we go home today, or do we continue on our journey. It is hard to be here when your mind is there.

In Vienna, we lit a candle for all who have been impacted and prayed the Town of Windsor and our house might be spared.

Our girls (Jenna & Julia) went to grab valuables and moved them to safety and we have begun having people stay at our house who have been evacuated. We are somewhat comforted to know our home is being used as a way station for those living with uncertainty. IMG_0215So we follow the news constantly, we follow the fire map hourly– some nights are worse than others. But we are miles from the perils of those encumbered by the vexing fire storm that does not seem to want to be extinguished. It is relentless in its persistence.


So goes our travels at a time we had planned to visit these incredibly beautiful cities – we find ourselves instead reflecting on our lives.


Our things, our loved ones, weighing what is precious and what is not so.


The shock of loss haunts us like a ghost of fog on the river. We are safe – but mentally and spiritually exhausted.



Looking forward to better days ahead for all.


3 thoughts on “In the Danube Fog

  1. Sue and Mark:
    So happy to hear from you! Touching post, Mark. I’m sorry your lovely trip is clouded by worries. These are very sad times indeed.
    Love and hugs to you,
    Joanne and Tom


  2. Hi Mark and Sue. I have been deeply concerned for you as you travel abroad, wondering how much you know if anything. Wondering how you are coping with the news so far away in the event you have been notified. I have no words of comfort to offer. The fires are too shocking to express. Our humanity of goodness for each other will prevail. You and Sue have already been of service. May you have a safe return home.




  3. Mark and Sue,

    We didn’t get a chance to say goodbye on the boat today since we decided to venture into Linz this morning. We enjoyed meeting you both and hearing about your travels. We wish you the best, on the rest of your trip as well as when you return home. I hope you can relax and enjoy the rest of your journey. We’ll look forward to hearing about it on the blog.

    Take care,
    Susan and John Keesee


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