Annecy Fantasy

Opening image by: IMG_2145.jpg

After disembarking from our river vessel in Lyon we ventured to Annecy in the French Alps by car. Beautiful.

First stop a cruise around the lake to get our bearings. We saw this crazy mountain shape they call the face of Annecy but to me it was reminiscent of the album cover we did for Soul Protection.


Morning in Annecy. Market is buzzing and very colorful.


I always wanted to live above a bar …when I was younger 🙂

First night we were there we heard the drummer kick it in round 8pm. Thinking OMG, what have we done by picking this place. Hope they are done by ten! And then we heard the shredding of an amazing guitarist. So we had to go down and take a closer look.

This guy was seriously wailing and the crowd was eating it up. There were hundreds gathered round to hear this eclectic band.


The next morning I saw this sculpture in the Town square and could only think it was made in honor of the guitarist we had seen the night before.

We like Annecy very much and only wish we had a few more days to enjoy and discover more.






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