View from the Castle

We are moving again, and the colors are in hues, and the buildings so old, the new old ones merely facades…apparently. Like a mirage we drift through cities bombed by the Allies during World War II. Castles too! Rebuilt to resemble their original grandeur. History repeating itself time and again. War after war …beyond reason, beyond sadness.

Interestingly, as we traveled in a bus to see the Marksburg castle that had survived multiple wars with virtually no damage to it; the curtains in the bus were blue and yellow in solidarity for Ukraine. We saw the Ukraine symbol flying proudly on multiple buildings and bridges in Switzerland, France, and Germany. Unity for the madness to end soon.

While we cruise through Christmas Markets and thousands of revelers for happier times. Lucky we are, yes. And thankful too for this Thanksgiving in a foreign land serving us our own traditional meal. Such kindness.

Especially those on the boat caring for us. They come from so many countries, each with their own special story that brings them to this boat to make ends meet. Like Downton Abbey on a ship.

And so, here we are in 2022 squeaking by another Covid round and enjoying the coming holiday season. All of us.

One thought on “View from the Castle

  1. Mark, Sue, Shaun and Stacy what a wonderful time you are having and the sights you’re experiencing!! Beautiful beyond words.


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