Nothin’ is Perfect


“I was riding through the desert

It was dark and lonely

I saw a vision, in the distance

It was a girl

I said I know you, I got your number

And I know that you have mine too

Is this real, do we believe it.

Yes, believe me. Baby believe me” *

…it is Majorca


It was while melting into Majorca that it really started to come together for me.

DSCN8398  DSCN9021  DSCN8928

About the music thing that is..

Of the 24 songs I had digitized from cassettes, perhaps 18 or so seemed workable to do something further with.

Of those, I’ll try to keep 9 of the original takes in full or in part. Risky business I’m sure, as they contain vocal and guitar tracks. Some were recorded in stereo so I hope to be able to split them into separate tracks. In some instances I can use the guitar track and fill in other instruments. And redo vocals too. Fun, eh?

One gem I found was a 20 plus minute instrumental recorded late one night, 40 plus years ago, with either Jeff Tracy and/or Ishan, also known as, “Fast Eddie” Clemenco, on lead guitar. This in its entirety is a cross between a Grateful Dead, Dark Star like jam and Ritchie Haven’s version of Here Comes the Sun. We need only add in Bobbie Gates on the timbales and we are there. I’m writing while listening to this ancient raja ripple through my medial temporal lobe.


So now what – a year’s worth of recording and mixing is what it looks like to me. I need to add in players, pieces and parts and call the Prince. Tim Prince, right? And he can help nail it all together into a master mix.


Like Dusk not Doom, it needed a working title… A name of something before it becomes something. Right? …so I chose one of my long time aspirations. Master Gardener.

And as any gardener who tries to grow anything knows – nothin’ is perfect. But it’s still fun to grow.






* Believe Me by Mark Millan, Ellie Mae Music, Copyright 1976

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