Too Eze

Painting by Betty Whittwe

Like Sardines we jammed onto the 82 bus and made our way to the village of Eze. What a ride! But more importantly what a beautiful and magical place.



“Man first set foot on the territory of modern Eze in the 19-20th centuries B.C. In later times, this land was owned by the Romans and the Moors. It is believed that the town was mainly built under the reign of the Roman emperors Augustus and Flavius.

By 1383, Eze was controlled by the Savoy dynasty that secured the town with new fortifications. This precaution was justified by the proximity to the large city of Nice. At various instances, the power of the House of Savoy extended to other territories, including the city of Vaud. During the next few centuries, Eze repeatedly lived through a few disturbances. In the mid 16th century it changed ownership, passing from the French to the Turks. In 1706, Louis XIV completely destroyed its fortress walls during the War for the Spanish heritage. Only in 1860 Eze officially became part of France by a unanimous decision of its inhabitants.” More here: History of EZE


Artist, Jean Philippe Richard built this beautiful series of sculptures. You must see them to appreciate their timeless beauty in this phenomenal setting. They are awesome and change with your perspective, the passing clouds and changing light. Truly amazing!


Art and sculptures are everywhere you go in this village.

And without out an reservations we ventured into chateau de la chevre d’or for lunch. Sue was freaking that we were not dressed “appropriately”. I was un-de-tured. All is fair in love and war …and lunch in Eze. As it turned out, we were treated as royalty and lunch was incredible. In fact, it was so good we did not want to leave and stayed for hours absorbed with the views.

A Monaco beer and three roses later, we moseyed down to the bus stop to grab the 82 back to Nice. A sardine fest once again. But a couple from the UK were kind enough to give me a seat so my right wing would not get banged about on the bus load home.

…Awe, I love to travel!


And once back to our place in Nice made it to the pool in time to snooze before the dinner hour. Yes, the healing thing is working well in Nice.

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