Nice & Neat

Photo by OBW

We like Nice. It is nice.


We are staying in La Peruse which is up high on Circle Hill and old citadel used to watch the seas for centuries. First the Celts, then the Italians for hundreds of years and the last 150, the French. Italian architecture and foods still abound. …and people from all over the world.

Today we did a food tour of the city. What fun, met people from Scotland, New York, New Jersey and us. Our guide Yvette was fantastic.


We went to several places but the olive and truffle shop was one of the best. The owner had a photo with he, Brad and Bono. So we all had to have our picture taken with him – of course.


One of our encounters was with this pup who was blocking a walkway to cool down, Temps were getting up there but this guy was not moving out of the way for anyone!


The market in the morning was awesome too! With art, food and locally grown veggies.


There is also  Mediterranean Sea  and we can see it from our window. 🙂

And at night there are the 7 gentlemen high up on posts that represent the 7 continents. They light up as different colors. They wait for the day when all are the same color signifying peace in the world.

Nice at night is full of color, meshed together. And people meshed together from all walks of life. It is a melting and melding of the human spirit. A spectrum of what ever is possible.

…and we are here too!




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