Ice Cream Castles

Actually, it was fifty years ago this fall that I was exactly where I am headed now. Along the Rhine River, on a boat barely able to communicate with anyone.

Back then flying on a midnight Pan Am flight out of SF on the polar route. Listening to Derek and the Dominos, Layla screaming in my headphones. Reading Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (laymen’s version of course, must’ve thought I was almost brilliant).

Looking out the window and seeing the Northern lights from the plane. Speechless.

Now with a few miles on me, flying first class, with my sweetheart smiling. Happily watching movies, feet up and zipping a nice Chardonnay.

And me, listening to the latest T. Swift, Eddie Francis, and The Beatles, Revolver. Why not? I still like music new and old. No plan, just glad to have wrapped some biz headaches before the plane left the ground.

We fly, we dream, and plot our retirement from the work-a-day, whack-a-mole, world we just escaped from. Wondering can we soon release ourselves of these chains permanently.

And why not – right, we earned it. Three kids, 3 college grads, all in 3 homes, and soon to be 3 married …with streams of grand babies on the way. 😊 Nice!

Okay, so that sets a stage for surprises and new adventures. I’m open, let’s see what gives along the Rhine this time.

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