The Douro Drift


Oh yes, the river winds around a bend and I am reminded we have been cruising a few days now and it is all of a sudden October 11th.  Our anniversary – 29 years. And, as it turns out, my companion likes cruises after all – river cruises that is. (Lucky for me). Sue was all smiles with the striking views, good food, and Duoro River wines – red and white. So that’s a relief to have made it this far in more ways that one.

So now I have had to steal away to where there is some privacy: to write, to think, to listen to music and watch the river landscape slide by like a scroll on a player piano. I watch the vineyards, carved out of hillsides and the smoky clouds of the morning moving by. Old crumbling stone buildings with reddish tile roofs from centuries ago, once someone’s home now melting into the riverside of my view. Drifting, all of us drifting along. Everything a drift.





The Doors of Castelo Rodrigo – in the ancient walled village of Portugal


The Doors of Castelo Rodrigo


DSCN1451DSCN1462    DSCN1459  DSCN1467



…then Toby’s Ex shows up!


Early morning on the Douro as we glide toward a lock to lift us up to portions of the dammed river. Each time we went through a lock it was a hair raising and amazing experience. I believe there we five to six that we had to go through. There and back to Porto.


DSCN1317DSCN1098Traveling through the locks, always locks of fun and amazing ride too!



Okay now what else did we see…

Toby’s Ex was reported missing, A search throughout Porto was in full motion.
Hanging in the wheel house with the Captain.

DSCN1530 DSCN1840 DSCN1989 DSCN2048

My next home will be along the Douro.




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