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Headed for the Stars

When the wind comes and carries you far away.
Try and forget your name
And feel again like you are
One with everything.

Your mind is reeling away the hours

Making you feel like a coward

Well, you always think you know you’re so great –

It’s kind of crazy though, a crazy way to be

To think you’ve got it made, when you’re lost in this world again

And you can’t remember when …

You were one.

And your brothers flying in the light

Landing in your fields

Trying to make you feel

That once again you know

You’ve got to let it go – and just feel

Can you feel?

That you are one.

I know you’re tired

And your children all need to be fed.
And you’re waiting for the news.
That money is coming soon.
But its dragging you down to see, a revolution will be.
All the people you thought to trust.
Are leaving you in the dust.
…in the dust.

But you’re still one.
In the sea of the universe.
And your body is just the seed
And you know you need to be.
Headed for the stars.

….headed for the stars.

M. Millan, Copyright – Ellie Mae Music 1976

Dawn on the Douro. A beautiful way to go…

I leave Santiago knowing we are all pilgrims. Coming, going, stalling, unsure of ourselves, some sure – yet all pilgrims. Amazingly, coming to this place  – of all of places. For centuries.

I am glad I came and now I know I can get here again whenever I may need to. And, as I heard from a priest I met who was from Melbourne –  (he had been here several times). He told me, “It does not matter how you got here. What matters is that you came“. 


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