DSCN3474Or, where did Thomas Joyce come from anyway?

In our family, every now and then we must re-joyce. In our case this means we must travel to where the Joyce sisters are meeting.  And this week it is in the country of Ireland. Which I have never been to before but my 3 kids have. How is that possible? At the moment, that is a story I do not have time to tell.

Basically, I am on vacation and I have absolutely no idea as to where I am going.


Not only will I see the Joyce sisters (Kathy & Deb) and my brother in laws (Rob & Jim). So there is a good chance for a shot of Jameson Black Reserve and a Guinness or two. And, if I know Rob we will likely fine a cigar shop too.DSCN4255[1]

Seems as we get older we wonder more about our origins. For some it is of little consequence and for others it is a labor of love and mystery to solve, period! This is the case for me and my sister in law, Kathy.  And on this trip she has unveiled her geological and genealogical search for said Thomas Joyce. Of whom I have no connection with thus far. But the hounds have been cut loose and as those who know me can only image what tale this may unfold. For my sister in law Kathy, I empathize. I too spent several years searching for my father’s father in Spain. From Barcelona to Rioja and many places in between. (See That search still continues. And then there was my passion to get to Santiago de Compostela, Spain (See: for another extraordinary journey).DSCN3467

And so we began our quest on June 27, 2016 in Dublin, searching the records office at the National Archives for a shred of evidence and along the way of course are nothing but obstacles. The attendant, Phoebe, was amazing. Analyzing the sparse data Kathy provided, putting two & two together to come up with five. I was impressed that the Phoebe’s deductions would eventually send us to another town, Kilkenny. Now those of you who are history buffs will recall that the origin of the name, Phoebe, as she was one of the original Titans. Given her association with the Delphic oracle, Phoebe was perhaps seen as the Titan goddess of prophecy and oracular intellect. I knew as soon as I heard of this encounter with her, that we were onto something. Something BIG, and this is perhaps why I was here in Ireland.



But first, there is the need for food and a bus tour. From the top deck perhaps we can find the key taverns and pubs Thomas may have frequented in his day. At worst, we might find some Jameson Black Reserve (a pet peeve of mine J). Which, as fate would have it, we did. That and a few pints of Guinness and I would say we were a wee bit side tracked but our intent and resolve to search for Thomas Joyce was only strengthened. Or so it seemed!





A trip out of Dublin was in the works to the small village of Kilkenny, where the county library and a pub known as The Hole in The Wall, were our targets and not necessarily in that order.



Our host at the Hole in the Wall was a sax player from Kilkinney and insisted that we could not leave without a shot of Jameson!IMG_6060

2 thoughts on “Re-Joyce

  1. When the Joyce sisters return home, have them do the DNA test from My cousin-in-law is Martin Joyce from Joyce Country in Connemara, County Galway. He has done the DNA. Would be interesting to see if they are related. Keep us informed what the search for Thomas reveals. Love this stuff.


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