Seeing Santiago

We forget sometimes that we are war babies, but we were

The greatest stories ever told are from the heart. I don’t care what time it is or where it is or who is there. The truth is stronger than glass – It busts through. And in the case of a cruise dinner discussion on the Douro we stumbled across the war. World War II to be exact. Someone from our table shared the story of her father being at prisoner at Slaughter House Five in Dresden. OMG, I wanted to cry but held back my tears in respect for her strength at telling us this incredible story of how her father survived the war and years later was asked about his beliefs, etc.

How were you able to survive they asked?

“I  always knew I would see my wife again. I had faith. I never thought I was not going to return home. When I saw men who fell to the ground and froze in the winter’s worst days. I tied myself to a light post so I would not fall over. It worked”

In everyplace we go we get something and we leave something there as well. A piece of us becomes apart of something else. And with every person we come to know – the same. Yes? And so it goes.
And like all travelers eventually we become weary of travel but we are satisfied to have finally arrived. It is bitter sweet. There is sometime this feeling of going somewhere that is addictive, compelling, but when you get there it is no more. Hmm,


So we arrive to Santiago and take in all of this. All of the travelers, by foot, by bike, by car, by plane. They have all come. Oh and the sellers of goods, they are there too. Lots. But we are not deterred, we watch those who have traveled and ask about their journeys, we walk through the church in awe of the 100s of years this has gone on. Each journey unique, and each reason their own.






The Way Good FOOD

Oh, and I can not leave out the food. We were so fortunate to stumble across an incredible restaurant.  Casa Marcelo. We had dinner there and it was SOOOO good and the chef and help so friendly, we came back the next day – for lunch!

DSCN2604   Yes that is Chorizo with a fried egg on a soft homemade bun! 🙂


The Chef surprised us with this Scorpion fish we were to eat by hand. Absolutely delicious!!!

DSCN2667  …and this great wine from the upper Douro River Valley – a Crianza 2011

A drunk chef from Paris took this wonderful photo of us with the chef and crew. We thought it was in focus at the time :).
A drunk chef from Paris took this wonderful photo of us with the chef and crew. We thought it was in focus at the time :).




and Ribs – unreal!

One thought on “Seeing Santiago

  1. Beautiful words, Mark. So it goes the way of the river, bending ’round tree-lined shores and ever forward, down into and along the starry bed of time, always through the emptiness that fills our eyes as we dream.


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